Becoming Idols to Be Brought to Life!

The Phantom Idols Will Put You In a Trance!

The stage will be set for Japan in the not so far away future. In an era where diverse cultures and values intersect, there existed three idol groups that were livening up the world.

Enbu”, “Hisame”, “Kogetsu”-

11 idols doing their all to show off their respective personalities through their activities.

At first glance, the young men look like typical idols, but they all have a secret they can’t tell anyone. That is, that they are not from this world and are in fact beings from <Dimension Zero>-

If they become top notch idols, they can be brought to life in this world.

However, the idols have been placed under a certain condition; should they fail their task, they will be erased into “Nothingness”.

They all hold their respective feelings as they work vigorously in their idol activities. What fate awaits them…?